Get Facebook Chat Emoticons Bar in Your Browser [firefox]

Example: If you type <('') then press ENTER in Facebook chat, it will be replaced by icon. If you type <3, it will be replaced by icon. But, do you want to remember all those shortcuts and its icon results ?
If you want to install those emoticons into your browser, here is how to do it... check this out....

  1. You need Firefox Browser installed in your computer.

    If i have only Internet Explorer, can i continue this tutorial ? No
    I have another browser, Opera, can i continue this tutorial ? No
    Ok, i have Safari browser installed in my computer, can i ? No!
    You need Firefox only.

    Don’t have Firefox? Haven’t try it?

  2. Install Greasemonkey add-on, then restart Firefox.

  3. Install Facebook Chat Emoticons Bar for Greasemonkey

    This is a script that will modify/customize the output of your firefox browser, that’s why you will see emoticons bar in your facebook chat window.

    It’s so simple to install facebook chat emotions bar, huh ?
    Now, if you want to use any emoticons/smileys/emotions simply click it, and once you press enter, you will see the shortcut code replaced by icon.

Is my chat buddy seeing any emoticon i’ve entered ?
Yes, you both will see it.

Good Luck..!!!

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MaRLiF said...

aku nyoba g berhasil mas. malah ini nich trik yang sering aku pakai------->

mj-506 said...

keren omm langsung ane coba ya..... .
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jasa iklan massal

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